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18 May


Russians estimate comfort in retirement at 45 thousand rubles a month

As shown by a survey of citizens aged 45-60, for a decent life after graduation, they need their own housing

Photo: iz.ru

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Russians, who will soon go on a well-deserved rest, named the benefits that they would like to have in retirement. In the first place on the list of wishes was their own home - 98 percent of respondents dream about it.

The quality of medical services is also important (97%). Balanced nutrition is in third place (96%). Moreover, the survey participants would like to regularly visit cafes and restaurants. Sports and hobbies are in fourth place. Well, the last five are theaters and exhibition centers.

As for money, pensioners need an average of 45 thousand rubles a month to be happy. Muscovites have more serious requests - they would like to receive at least 65 thousand rubles. The most unassuming were residents of Ryazan, who declared that 38 thousand would be enough for a decent life in retirement. The survey was conducted among citizens aged 45-60 years.