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18 May


Russia began to manufacture a robot for open space

The project is run by the company - the developer of the Fyodor robot that flew into space

Photo: npo-at.com

/NOVOSTIVL/ NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika (the developer of the Fyodor robot that flew into space) has started manufacturing a Teledroid robot for performing work in outer space.

"The work has already begun on December 1, 2020," the press service of the company noted.

The company added that the contract for the creation of the robot with Roscosmos has not yet been signed. "Now the contract is at the final stage, the entire technical part has been signed. What remains, in fact, is the signing of the legal and economic part," the press service explained.

The first block of work on the project consists of the development of working design documentation and the creation of several prototypes of the robot.

In October last year, the NPO Android Technics reported that the first prototype of a robot for outer space would begin testing in the second half of 2021. Then the enterprise worked out the appearance of the device, its components, protocols of docking with the ISS. Earlier, Evgeny Dudorov, executive director of the NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika, said that the Teledroid robot would be controlled not only from the ISS, but also from the Earth, and the avatar suit would be improved taking into account the wishes of the cosmonauts.