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18 May


Fake mailings from Russian "stars" appeared in Telegram

It is not easy to check and track scammers due to the fact that such relationships in Telegram are not always documented

Photo: Getty

/NOVOSTIVL/ In social networks and the Telegram messenger, mailings from scammers have become more frequent, which offer companies advertising in the accounts of popular bloggers or musicians in social networks, Group-IB reported on its Telegram channel. Such mailings, according to the company, took place in January on behalf of the singer Elena Temnikova and rapper Morgenstern. Attackers pose as producers of stars and offer for 10 thousand rubles. Post advertisements for the company's products and services, for example, on singers' Instagram profiles.

The problem was confirmed by Elena Temnikova. According to her, she repeatedly warned her subscribers about scammers and asked to contact for cooperation only through official contacts. In her social networks, according to Ms. Temnikova herself, only large brands are advertised. “It’s surprising that smaller companies fall for deception, given that scammers are offering prices that are obviously non-existent in nature,” she said. Morgenstern's spokesman did not respond to the request.

Fraudsters began to impersonate the administrators of popular Telegram channels. For example, on behalf of the political channel Nezygar (347 thousand subscribers), one of the largest Russian enterprises in the agricultural sector received a message in January that the channel was planning to publish materials related to the company's business, said Group-IB. The scammers offered the company to pay to keep the materials from being published.

This is similar to a "moratorium" sale scheme for the publication of negative materials about a company or a person, explained Group-IB. According to Igor Bederov, Advisor to the Director General of the National Engineering Corporation JSC, prices in this area range from 50 thousand rubles. for compromising on an ordinary director up to millions of dollars, if after the publication of materials a deal or IPO may fail.

Fraud incidents involving representatives of show business, bankers and other famous people were also recorded by the service for detecting digital threats ETHIC Infosecurity a Softline Company, said its chief analyst Diana Selekhina. The influx of fake ads on behalf of the stars began back in 2019, when an advertisement for offers of earnings on cryptocurrencies appeared on Facebook using photos of the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov. In November 2019, a fake paid poll appeared on the Internet on behalf of journalist Yuri Dud.

The interest of fraudsters in Telegram has grown significantly against the backdrop of an increase in the number of its users, says Yakov Kravtsov, an expert at the Group-IB Digital Risk Protection Department. On January 14, Pavel Durov said that in three days the audience of the service had grown by 25 million. Against this background, attacks on the owners of Telegram channels under the guise of offers to place advertisements in them also became more frequent.

The probability of success of attacks on Telegram is increased by the fact that communication in the messenger always takes place anonymously, says Alexei Drozd, head of the information security department of SerchInform. In most cases, according to his observations, payment for advertising services or placement of publications occurs without documenting the agreements.