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18 May


Russia resumed flights to Greece and Singapore

No more than 500 Russians can enter Greece per week

Photo: Pixabay

/NOVOSTIVL/ From February 8, Russians can fly to two more countries - Greece and Singapore. The decision was made by the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus at a meeting on January 28.

It was decided that the epidemiological situation in these countries allows the resumption of air traffic with them.

Flights will be operated from Moscow: to Athens twice a week, to Singapore - three times a week.

At the same time, restrictions on the entry of Russians remain in Greece - the country has limited the number of people entering from Russia 500 per week. They must have a negative coronavirus test, a hotel voucher, or documents showing their place of residence in the country. The restrictions have been in effect since September and have been extended several times. They were last extended on February 6, until February 22.

Singapore has also set fairly strict rules for the entry of foreigners. In mid-December, he launched the Connect@Singapore initiative to "reopen borders in a controlled and secure manner."

As part of the initiative, a limited number of travelers are allowed to enter the city-state for business purposes, on official occasions or on matters of great economic importance. Such foreigners are allowed to enter the country for a period not exceeding 14 days, subject to a negative coronavirus test. Travelers will be allowed to stay in hotels specially prepared for this, they will also have to undergo medical examinations and antigen tests.