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18 May


An inhabitant of the seabed in the vicinity of Vladivostok found anticancer substances

In the body of Ophiura sarsii, compounds belonging to the group of porphins, which were previously obtained only by means of artificial synthesis, were isolated

Ophiura sarsii Photo: arcodiv.org

/NOVOSTIVL/ Scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), together with specialists from the University of Geneva, have identified a substance in the bottom marine inhabitant that inhibits the development of cancer cells. The animal was caught in the waters of Vladivostok.

"The source of the new compound was Ophiura sarsii, which was harvested at a depth of 15-18 m in Bogdanovich Bay on Russky Island. Initially, biologically active molecules from Ophiura sarsii were tested for their ability to inhibit the development of cells in a triple-negative form of breast cancer. After the antitumor effect was confirmed, scientists are interested in the formula of the compound, "the message says.

In the animal, compounds belonging to the group of porphins were isolated, which scientists had previously obtained only through artificial synthesis. This substance is used in anticancer therapy for diseases of the bladder, esophagus, lungs, basal cell carcinoma.

"Artificial synthesis of photosensitizing compounds and, in particular, porphyrin is a rather expensive pleasure, which makes scientists around the world look for new sources of such compounds. We managed to obtain it by a simple method from a natural source. The discovery may serve the development of biomedicine and, in particular, developments in the field of targeted anticancer therapy based on natural compounds ", - the head of the laboratory of pharmacology of natural compounds of the School of Biomedicine, FEFU, Vladimir Katanaev, comments.

Ophiura is a representative of benthic sea animals of the echinoderm type, resembling a starfish. According to the university, the animal lives in large numbers on the shallows and in the depths of the Sea of ​​Japan, so its extraction for medicinal purposes does not pose a threat to nature. Scientists failed to obtain a medical version of the required substance from other marine life. Now experts have to find out that the obtained anticancer substances are formed only in those animals that live in the area of ​​the Russky Island or throughout the entire vast range.

FEFU scientists have been studying anticancer substances and searching for them in various marine life for several years. The work is carried out at the university's own scientific base and in cooperation with the largest research centers in the world.