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24 June


Kia teases exterior design of all-new K8

Kia Corp. reveals the exterior design of large sedan K8 in this photo provided by the company on Wednesday.

/NOVOSTIVL/ Kia Corp. South Korea's No. 2 carmaker, on Wednesday revealed the exterior design of the new large sedan K8, the first model that bears its new brand logo.

The K8 is a successor of K7, better known as Cadenza in the United States, which has sold over 500,000 units globally since its launch in 2009.

Its new corporate image features elongated 5,015 mm body with a low roofline, which combines sportiness and sleek exterior design.

At the front sits a new signature frameless tiger nose grille that has been incorporated within the front bumper to differentiate the car from all other Kia models.

Its interior design and technical specifications were not disclosed.

Kia will launch K8 in the domestic market in the second quarter, a company spokesperson said.

Last month, the automaker changed its corporate name from Kia Motors to Kia, signaling the brand breaking away from its traditional manufacturing-driven business model. It also changed its brand slogan from "The Power to Surprise" to "Movement that inspires."