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24 June


Foreign companies are buying up storage space from Russian suppliers

The market of public cloud services in Russia by the end of 2020 will exceed the $1.2 billion mark

Photo: Nytimes.com

/NOVOSTIVL/ In 2020, foreign companies from the financial and retail sectors began to actively purchase cloud capacities from Russian suppliers, IDC found out. This, according to analysts, is due to their increased competitiveness, both in price and in functionality. The interest of foreign customers is also due to the need to store personal data of Russian customers on the territory of Russia, the market participants themselves specify. And the trend, in their opinion, will continue.

In 2020, the interest of Western non-resident companies in Russian cloud service providers has grown, said Dmitry Gavrilov, head of cloud services market research at IDC Russia and the CIS, at a joint press conference with Mail.ru Cloud Solutions. Non-residents, he said, include companies registered in other states, both working and not working in the Russian market. The greatest interest in Russian cloud services, according to him, is shown by large foreign financial organizations and retail chains. “This is due to the fact that many Russian services have become more competitive both from a functional point of view and from the point of view of value for money,” says Mr. Gavrilov.

According to preliminary estimates by IDC, the market for public cloud services in Russia by the end of 2020 will exceed the $ 1.2 billion mark. Earlier, iKS-Consulting estimated the entire Russian cloud market at $ 1.4 billion (see Kommersant dated December 21, 2020). According to analysts' estimates, Rostelecom (20.8% of the market in terms of revenue), MTS (11.2%), Croc (8.3%), Selectel (8.2 %) and SberCloud (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) with a share of 6.2%.

The growth of interest in 2020 from companies from European and North American regions is confirmed by the IT provider Selectel. “These clients include large and medium-sized businesses, international clothing brands, car manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers,” said Maxim Popov, Deputy General Director for Development at Selectel.

The revenue of Yandex.Cloud from non-resident companies in 2020 amounted to 80 million rubles, that is, 8% of the total revenue of the platform, said this provider. International companies are looking for platforms in the Russian market that help accelerate the launch of digital services and new sales channels, said Ilya Letunov, head of the Mail.ru Cloud Solutions platform.

Rostelecom and MTS say that foreign customers have been interested in their cloud services before. Rostelecom had clients from the European Union, Asia and the CIS. The global Internet platform for language learning, banks, retail purchased cloud capacities and services from MTS.

The number of foreign clients of the Krok IT company in 2020 increased by about 1.5 times, said Maxim Berezin, its director for the development of cloud services. According to him, this happened mainly due to IT companies from Europe and Asia Minor. “These were companies from the software development, gaming, logistics industries, as well as large enterprises that open or develop regional offices in Russia,” he said. Their interest, according to Mr. Berezin, was due, among other things, to the requirements of Russian legislation.

According to the law on data storage, foreign companies that own, among other things, postal services, social networks and search engines must place personal data of Russian users exclusively on servers in the country.