72,88 ↓ 100 JPY
11,41 ↓ 10 CNY
76,44 ↓ USD
67,67 ↓ 1000 KRW
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27 October
25 October, 14:35  |  Crypto

Russia’s Central Bank said that the launch of a digital ruble is “quite real”

23 October, 23:08

Former national security contractor fled US in 2013 after leaking documents on American government surveillance operations

20 October, 18:14

Yandex, incorporated in the Netherlands, is one of the biggest internet firms in Europe and the largest ride-hailing and search platform in Russia

15 October, 20:53

Including two connecting Moscow and Tokyo and one linking Vladivostok and Tokyo

13 October, 19:16

It is estimated to be worth $23-$38 million

12 October, 18:01

Restrictions on filing inquiries on application for Russian citizenship will be abolished for Russian-speaking foreigners

09 October, 17:39

It is still unclear what caused the contamination

07 October, 19:09  |  Tourism

App lets customers haggle with drivers over fares

28 September, 21:00

The participants of the event learned about the current trends in education and the prospects for the internationalization of the Aquarobotech competition

26 September, 21:51  |  Boycott

The United Arab Emirates, Russia and Jordan vs Turkey and Qatar — violated a U.N. arms embargo on the oil-rich north African country that remains “totally ineffective,” U.N. experts said in a new report

25 September, 19:31  |  Crypto

Russia’s Finance Ministry has prepared a new bill that would force crypto holders to declare their wallets

21 September, 19:39  |  Air

Flights to these countries will be performed once a week

21 September, 16:50

The event is hosted by Russky Technopark, the leading innovation hub of the Russian Far East

19 September, 16:26  |  Tourism

Moscow offered the flight resumption to Seoul in July

17 September, 21:04

Russia is PepsiCo's third-largest market by net revenue

14 September, 21:13

Opposition Navalny's supporters scored rare victories in city council votes in Novosibirsk

04 September, 16:42  |  Crypto

The Finance Ministry of Russia has submitted new amendments to its crypto law that could make Bitcoin mining meaningless

03 September, 18:22  |  Air

Russia ends restrictions on border crossing for Russians, foreigners whose relatives live in Russia, need care

02 September, 18:44

Apple currently collects a 30% commission on sales in its App Store

01 September, 16:28

The Tsar Bomba was enormous, weighing 27 tons (24 metric tons) and measuring about as long as a double-decker bus