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08 August
Today, 12:49  |  Auto

The Aviar R67 captures the essence of a Mustang better than Ford’s latest version, because it actually looks like one

03 August, 13:24

This is a great way to overcome the language barrier

02 August, 21:33  |  Covid-19

The Gamaleya vaccine is expected to obtain conditional registration in August

31 July, 16:00

Russia coach Lyn Jones says the country would do a "really good job" of hosting the Rugby World Cup

30 July, 21:27  |  Auto

The country is looking at a new way to clamp in a bid to curb drink-driving issue

28 July, 21:59

The automaker already has a large full-cycle car plant located near Shushar - in Sestroretsk

27 July, 17:07  |  Military

Moscow was forced to make such a decision as it “is worried that the delivery of S-400 missiles at this time will affect the anti-pandemic actions of the People’s Liberation Army and does not want to cause trouble to China"

25 July, 21:12  |  Tourism

Russia has the fourth hightest number of coronavirus infections in the world, with 800 849 cases and 13 046 deaths

23 July, 23:13  |  Crypto

The bill gives legal status to cryptocurrencies—but says they cannot be used to pay for goods and services

22 July, 21:50  |  Covid-19

A second group of volunteers ended Phase 2 trials Monday, with everyone developing immunity from the coronavirus and feeling fine

20 July, 17:28

Having a look that stands out is no longer as important as feeling good in your skin

18 July, 14:00

The drills involve nearly 150 000 personnel including airborne troops

16 July, 20:07

Eastern Siberia is famous for some of the coldest wintertime temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, but in 2020, it has been the region’s wildly high temperatures and wildfires that have wowed meteorologists

14 July, 21:22

Those arriving in Russia will need to present English or Russian-language proof that they have tested negative for the coronavirus in the past 72 hours

11 July, 22:49

India is a top buyer of foreign weapons on the international market and Russia has been its main supplier since the Soviet era

10 July, 16:02  |  Air

Russia to resume flights with UK, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, Vietnam, China, Mongolia and Sri Lanka

09 July, 22:53

Pipeline could further solidify the political and economic integration of the world's second-biggest economy with the world's largest energy producer.

08 July, 18:12

UN has delivered vital relief to Syria since 2014 via border crossings that are not controlled by the Syrian government

07 July, 22:13

The threat isn't just in what the plane can do in the air

04 July, 21:06

The program allowing Russian track athletes to compete internationally will be frozen because the country's federation failed to pay a fine on time, World Athletics said Thursday, July 2