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02 December
01 December, 10:41  |  Crypto

With new legislation on digital assets coming into effect in a month, Russian financial institutions are looking to act

27 November, 16:52  |  Covid-19

Potential amendments should also hamper "shadow schemes"

26 November, 22:47  |  Covid-19

The fear with coronavirus mutations is that they could render otherwise potent vaccines ineffective

25 November, 23:38  |  Covid-19

1st time since beginning of pandemic daily death toll in Russia exceeds 500

13 November, 20:55  |  Crypto

The law isn’t as strict as previous drafts but citizens can still end up in jail for not declaring their crypto holdings

12 November, 11:26  |  Covid-19

A vaccine is seen as the best chance to break the cycle of deadly virus surges and severe restrictions across much of the world

11 November, 22:23

Azerbaijan will keep territory it captured, including the mountain enclave's second biggest city Shusha, which Armenians call Shushi

10 November, 18:56

New treaty with Russia raises tax on dividends, interest

09 November, 17:24

According to preliminary reports, the perpetrator seized arms from an officer and attacked his fellow servicemen

07 November, 18:19  |  Covid-19

Avifavir Drug to Be Free of Charge in Russia for COVID-Positive Patients

06 November, 18:11  |  Covid-19

According to Rospotrebnadzor, since the resumption of flights to and from Turkey on Aug. 1, 1.5 million of Russians have visited the country on vacation

05 November, 18:24

Uefa has said it has no plans to change its 12-city pan-continental format

04 November, 21:23  |  Covid-19

Povetkin-Whyte II is postponed with a new target date of 30 January 2021

03 November, 20:29  |  Covid-19

Foreigners working in Russia will be able to get tested for HIV, AIDS and COVID-19 free of charge

02 November, 21:37  |  Crypto

Swiss Arm of Huge Russian Bank to Offer Bitcoin Custody, Trading

28 October, 22:51

JSC Russian Helicopters is working with interested Korean partners

25 October, 14:35  |  Crypto

Russia’s Central Bank said that the launch of a digital ruble is “quite real”

23 October, 23:08

Former national security contractor fled US in 2013 after leaking documents on American government surveillance operations

20 October, 18:14

Yandex, incorporated in the Netherlands, is one of the biggest internet firms in Europe and the largest ride-hailing and search platform in Russia

15 October, 20:53

Including two connecting Moscow and Tokyo and one linking Vladivostok and Tokyo