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11,35 ↑ 10 CNY
73,37 ↑ USD
66,68 ↑ 1000 KRW
-6° ветер 4 м/c
22 January
27 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Potential amendments should also hamper "shadow schemes"

26 November 2020  |  Covid-19

The fear with coronavirus mutations is that they could render otherwise potent vaccines ineffective

25 November 2020  |  Covid-19

1st time since beginning of pandemic daily death toll in Russia exceeds 500

13 November 2020  |  Crypto

The law isn’t as strict as previous drafts but citizens can still end up in jail for not declaring their crypto holdings

12 November 2020  |  Covid-19

A vaccine is seen as the best chance to break the cycle of deadly virus surges and severe restrictions across much of the world

11 November 2020

Azerbaijan will keep territory it captured, including the mountain enclave's second biggest city Shusha, which Armenians call Shushi

10 November 2020

New treaty with Russia raises tax on dividends, interest

09 November 2020

According to preliminary reports, the perpetrator seized arms from an officer and attacked his fellow servicemen

07 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Avifavir Drug to Be Free of Charge in Russia for COVID-Positive Patients

06 November 2020  |  Covid-19

According to Rospotrebnadzor, since the resumption of flights to and from Turkey on Aug. 1, 1.5 million of Russians have visited the country on vacation

05 November 2020

Uefa has said it has no plans to change its 12-city pan-continental format

04 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Povetkin-Whyte II is postponed with a new target date of 30 January 2021

03 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Foreigners working in Russia will be able to get tested for HIV, AIDS and COVID-19 free of charge

02 November 2020  |  Crypto

Swiss Arm of Huge Russian Bank to Offer Bitcoin Custody, Trading

28 October 2020

JSC Russian Helicopters is working with interested Korean partners

25 October 2020  |  Crypto

Russia’s Central Bank said that the launch of a digital ruble is “quite real”

23 October 2020

Former national security contractor fled US in 2013 after leaking documents on American government surveillance operations

20 October 2020

Yandex, incorporated in the Netherlands, is one of the biggest internet firms in Europe and the largest ride-hailing and search platform in Russia

15 October 2020

Including two connecting Moscow and Tokyo and one linking Vladivostok and Tokyo

13 October 2020

It is estimated to be worth $23-$38 million