69,61 ↓ 100 JPY
10,58 ↑ 10 CNY
73,78 ↑ USD
62,13 ↑ 1000 KRW
+23° ветер 3 м/c
11 August
30 May 2019

Moscow will weigh the deal’s positive effect on oil prices

28 May 2019

ITLOS said Moscow should release the capture Ukranian sailors

25 May 2019

It plans to build a 23,000-seat arena in central St. Petersburg

23 May 2019

Washington had given Turkey just over two weeks to scrap the Russian deal

22 May 2019

But Google trying to deploy connected-car software that works without a smartphone

21 May 2019

However, this will not change the ruble exchange rate

17 May 2019

People were dissatisfied with the park building in Yekaterinburg

16 May 2019

At the last talks in Sochi, the United States and Russia did not achieve a concrete decision on the denuclearization of Korea

15 May 2019

He will meet with Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin to discuss arms control, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea’s nuclear program

07 May 2019

The Investigative Committee had opened an investigation

23 April 2019

According to their data, the DPRK leader will arrive in the capital of Primorye on Wednesday, and the Russian president on Thursday

19 April 2019

Japanese Foreign Minister to visit Moscow in mid-May

19 April 2019

The meeting is likely to be held in Vladivostok

18 April 2019

According to the Japanese edition, smuggling came from China

16 April 2019

However, there are no specific details of the meeting

13 April 2019

Kremlin will earmark 25 billion rubles to build the national space center

11 April 2019

They are calling for Syria’s territorial integrity to be preserved

09 April 2019

Turkey "won’t submit to pressure" and will make a deal with Russia

09 April 2019

The plans include the construction of new ports, Arctic ships and an increase in cargo turnover

08 April 2019

The agreement was signed by Russian and foreign scientists