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02 March
08 June 2020

Russia reopens borders for its nationals to work, study and get treatment abroad

06 June 2020

Vladimir Putin’s 20-year rule has seen relations with China warm and even the lure of seeing sanctions lifted may not be enough to reverse the trend

04 June 2020

The fuel was stored there to ensure continuous supply to the power plant in case of an interruption in gas supplies

03 June 2020

Service would restart on routes that connect Pyongyang - Moscow and Pyongyang - Khabarovsk

02 June 2020

Clinical trials of the drug reportedly showed success in most cases within four days

01 June 2020

The rise of private companies like SpaceX, which has ambitions to conquer Mars, risks leaving Russia irrecoverably far behind

29 May 2020

The alert describes how the GRU is targeting a vulnerability in unpatched Unix systems, an alternative to the operating systems of Microsoft and Apple

24 May 2020

New navy secretary calls for a significant presence in the northern seas

23 May 2020

There was data on the defeat of 70 percent of the lungs of the head of Chechnya

22 May 2020

Russia says awaiting US clarifications on withdrawal from Treaty on Open Skies

20 May 2020

In the country has continued to see a steady rise of new infections

18 May 2020

Moscow and Beijing have become increasingly close in recent years, but border closures and imported cases have ‘cast a shadow’ over their relationship

16 May 2020

Many richer Russians caught the virus during their annual ski holiday at a French ski resort in March

07 May 2020

Public should keep observing self-isolation measures even when some restrictions are eased from May 12

30 April 2020

The number of infected in Russia exceeded 99 thousand people

05 September 2019

Acting Vice-Governor of Primorsky territory Mr. Konstantin Bogdanenko and Pohang City Mayor Mr. Lee Kangdeok took part in the negotiations

10 July 2019

Russia’s lower house of parliament voted Tuesday to urge the government to impose restrictions on economic ties with Georgia

04 July 2019

The INF treaty banned production, testing and deployment of land-based cruise and ballistic missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers

28 June 2019

42 adults and 1 child saved, 7 injured