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19 June
17 February, 12:37  |  Asia

Kia Corp. reveals the exterior design of large sedan K8 in this photo provided by the company on Wednesday.

11 February, 12:05  |  World

Nissan currently fields one the world's most popular production electric vehicles in the Leaf

09 February, 20:36  |  Asia

Latest self-driving tech to be available through 'over-the-air' updates

09 February, 16:10  |  World

Tesla has made a $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin

08 February, 12:05  |  World

Hyundai shares fell as much as 8.4% in Seoul, while Kia slumped 15.3%

05 February, 17:51  |  Asia

Japanese automaker Nissan believes its E-Power technology will encourage people to buy more electric vehicles

04 February, 20:26  |  World

Apple is nearing a manufacturing deal with Hyundai Motor Group,

28 January, 23:33  |  Asia

Nissan identified the key markets as Japan, China, the United States and Europe

28 January, 20:35  |  World

The sedan and crossover now have landscape-oriented screens and U-shaped steering wheels

26 January, 23:42  |  Asia

Hyundai, South Korea's top automaker, controlled 5% of the global EV market last year

22 January, 20:36  |  Asia

EV maker's stock sale bolsters R&D against competition in booming market

11 January, 21:23  |  Russia

Data of 1.3 million registered users of the site hyundai.ru put up for sale on the shadow forum

09 January, 23:58  |  World

Baidu, which already runs a huge open-source autonomous-driving platform, plans to use Geely’s production and development capabilities, according to sources

05 January, 14:02  |  World

EV maker reports flood of orders after slashing China-made Model Y price

30 December 2020  |  World

EVs requiring half the parts of conventional autos will bring tectonic shift to industry

22 December 2020  |  World

Apple aims to build a personal self-driving vehicle for the mass market, using a new battery design that could reduce cost and increase vehicle range

18 December 2020  |  Asia

The cathode of an NCMA battery is 90 percent nickel, and the cobalt percentage is less than 5 percent

12 December 2020  |  Asia

Overall auto sales seen rising for first time in four years

08 December 2020  |  Asia

Hyundai mainly produces buses and trucks in Jeonju

05 December 2020  |  World

Japanese automakers for now are keeping quiet on what impact those measures could have on their businesses