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23 January
22 January, 17:05  |  Russia

The epidemic process is stabilizing, but more and more infected people are detected in rural areas

20 January, 23:29  |  Russia

The Sputnik V vaccine is registered in Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Argentina, Bolivia, Algeria, Palestine, Venezuela, Paraguay and Turkmenistan

14 January, 19:28  |  Asia

China reports first virus death in months

12 January, 12:28  |  Russia

Director Center. Gamalei noted that the study itself will not begin until the completion of the third phase of drug trials in adults, which is scheduled for April-May

07 January, 14:01  |  Asia

Under a state of emergency, people are asked to work from home as much as possible, but a large crowd was seen during morning rush hour at a station in Tokyo on Thursday

28 December 2020  |  Asia

The implementation of the measures come after Tokyo recorded 708 new COVID-19 cases Sunday

27 December 2020  |  World

For health care workers who have been battling the virus with only masks and shields to protect themselves, the vaccines represented an emotional relief as well

23 December 2020  |  World

Five top public-health experts for their reflections on 12 months defined by the pandemic, and their outlook for next year

22 December 2020  |  Russia

At the same time, Russians are no longer afraid of inflation

22 December 2020  |  Asia

It has the capabilities to do so, says Ong Ye Kung, with support of logistical and pharmaceutical firms

14 December 2020  |  Asia

Japan logged over 3,000 new cases of the novel coronavirus for the first time on Saturday, while the country’s death toll from the virus rose by 28 to 2,595

13 December 2020  |  World

Brooks Brothers filed for bankruptcy despite dressing stars like Will Smith and Andy Warhol

12 December 2020  |  World

Adults over the age of 18 will be enrolled in the trials that are expected to start before the end of this year

06 December 2020  |  Russia

he most vulnerable will receive the first doses of the vaccine named Sputnik V, including medical workers and teachers

03 December 2020  |  World

Virus prevention measures, like distancing and ventilation, need to be in place in indoor exercise venues

03 December 2020  |  Russia

The government will start with healthcare workers, OAPs and the army

30 November 2020  |  Asia

Many infected are affected by loss of sight, memory, coordination, speech and delirium

27 November 2020  |  Russia

Potential amendments should also hamper "shadow schemes"

26 November 2020  |  Russia

The fear with coronavirus mutations is that they could render otherwise potent vaccines ineffective

26 November 2020  |  Asia

Health authorities have warned the current wave might be tougher to control than earlier infection