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19 June
15 February, 15:42  |  World

Cryptocurrency prices behaving more like hot stocks than safe havens

05 February, 12:51  |  Russia

The Law "On digital financial assets" was adopted in the summer of 2020 and came into force in January

18 December 2020  |  World

In late 2017, Bitcoin's price reached its previous all-time high of nearly $20,000

16 December 2020  |  World

Tens of thousands of Australians fall victim to Bitcoin investment scams propagated via Google’s ad markets

01 December 2020  |  Russia

With new legislation on digital assets coming into effect in a month, Russian financial institutions are looking to act

29 November 2020  |  Asia

The bank is hiring for “VP — Crypto Security Administrator” to get expert advice on how to design a secure solution for “managing crypto keys”

28 November 2020  |  Asia

The funds were part of a major Ponzi scheme that exploited over two million people

27 November 2020  |  World

Miners' daily profits have returned to pre-halving levels not seen since May

13 November 2020  |  Russia

The law isn’t as strict as previous drafts but citizens can still end up in jail for not declaring their crypto holdings

07 November 2020  |  World

Bitcoin’s price has broken $15,000 - breaking highs not seen since the 2017 bull run

02 November 2020  |  Russia

Swiss Arm of Huge Russian Bank to Offer Bitcoin Custody, Trading

25 October 2020  |  Russia

Russia’s Central Bank said that the launch of a digital ruble is “quite real”

23 October 2020  |  World

Democratic Presidential candidate doesn’t have a stated position on Bitcoin, although he says he doesn’t own any

22 October 2020  |  World

The Trump administration has not pursued regulation of cryptocurrencies, although agencies are dealing with crypto’s impact

20 October 2020  |  World

Most countries' central banks are exploring creating their own digital currencies

16 October 2020  |  World

Estimates for the threshold range from 0.28 BTC to as high as 15 BTC

12 October 2020  |  World

People will be able to buy shares in the company represented by an Ethereum-based token

11 October 2020  |  Asia

Lottery planned on Monday to choose first 50,000 users in Shenzhen

10 October 2020  |  World

Crypto-friendly private browser Brave is now the top browser choice on the Google Play Store, beating out rival Google Chrome

08 October 2020  |  World

HERO and ESPO have outpumped the world's most popular cryptocurrency this year