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06 May
23 February, 18:22  |  World

Apple may possess key technologies in software, it does not have the expertise nor the supply chains to manufacture cars

11 February, 12:05  |  World  |  Auto

Nissan currently fields one the world's most popular production electric vehicles in the Leaf

08 February, 12:05  |  World  |  Auto

Hyundai shares fell as much as 8.4% in Seoul, while Kia slumped 15.3%

04 February, 20:26  |  World  |  Auto

Apple is nearing a manufacturing deal with Hyundai Motor Group,

22 December 2020  |  World  |  Auto

Apple aims to build a personal self-driving vehicle for the mass market, using a new battery design that could reduce cost and increase vehicle range

17 December 2020  |  World

The changes impact Facebook's ad business, which uses data to target ads

11 November 2020  |  World

The new Pro is capable of 17 hours of web browsing and 20 hours of video playback

21 October 2020  |  World

That could be bad news for Amazon, Facebook, and Apple

29 September 2020  |  World

The full case is set to be heard in July 2021

12 September 2020  |  World

They permit services to have App Store catalog apps, and access to Apple’s payment apparatus, but every game has to pass an individual review process

26 August 2020  |  World  |  Boycott

Epic activated a payment option on the mobile Fortnite app which bypassed Apple’s built-in payment system. Apple banned Fortnite from the App Store, then promptly set about blocking Epic’s access to developer tools

14 August 2020  |  World

Apple has banned Fortnite from the App Store, and developer has now retaliated with a lawsuit

23 July 2020  |  World

Steve Wozniak has sued YouTube for failing to control an ongoing cryptocurrency scam, alleging it has cost “tens of millions” of dollars to victims around the world

07 February 2020  |  Asia

Coronavirus may interfere with the stable operation of plants and factories

11 September 2019  |  World

Apple just announced a slew of new products, including new iPhones, a new iPad, and a new Apple Watch

05 June 2019  |  World

The company also introduced a new interface and electronic clock

23 May 2019  |  World

Such a move is caused by patriotic feelings in connection with the blocking of Huawei in the US

07 May 2019  |  Asia

Foxconn Technology Group is the main supplier and assembler of Apple phones

19 April 2019  |  Asia

Analysts see this as a threat to relationships between Foxconn and Apple

09 April 2019  |  World

They change fake iPhones to real ones through return service