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06 December
09 August, 17:20 World

Facebook declined to comment but confirmed that the company is working on launching a "news tab"

19 July, 17:27 World

Representatives of the two companies said that they do not use the information obtained from visiting porn sites to create marketing profiles

19 June, 19:14 World

Libra aims to enable cheap and easy payments around the world

19 April, 14:19 World

This is not the first such scandal associated with the company

21 March, 22:33 Asia

Government doesn`t like the interference affairs of big companies

11 March, 20:14 World

Ukrainians are suspected of "years-long hacking scheme"

07 March, 20:12 World

Facebook is shifting its focus to become "a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform," Zuckerberg said Wednesday in outlining a broad vision for transforming the online giant