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22 October
Today, 12:41  |  World  |  Crypto

The Trump administration has not pursued regulation of cryptocurrencies, although agencies are dealing with crypto’s impact

16 October, 20:25  |  World  |  Crypto

Estimates for the threshold range from 0.28 BTC to as high as 15 BTC

08 October, 13:46  |  World  |  Crypto

HERO and ESPO have outpumped the world's most popular cryptocurrency this year

02 October, 14:50  |  World  |  Crypto

Levying taxes on income and capital gains from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is now common

01 October, 14:00  |  World  |  Crypto

The decision is the latest in a strained relationship between YouTube and the crypto community

25 September, 19:31  |  Russia  |  Crypto

Russia’s Finance Ministry has prepared a new bill that would force crypto holders to declare their wallets

24 September, 14:20  |  Asia  |  Crypto

Bitcoin and crypto OTC dealers in China are facing widespread issues in the country

11 September, 21:10  |  World  |  Crypto

But it still needs some work to go mainstream

06 September, 12:28  |  World  |  Crypto

Crypto market analysts believe that Bitcoin miners dumping on the market and a raid on a South Korean exchange could be to blame

04 September, 16:42  |  Russia  |  Crypto

The Finance Ministry of Russia has submitted new amendments to its crypto law that could make Bitcoin mining meaningless

25 August, 13:54  |  World  |  Crypto

Experts believe this could lead to some smaller miners capitulating

22 August, 12:55  |  World  |  Crypto

If you have access to cheap hardware and/or electricity, then Bitcoin mining can still be a profitable endeavor

21 August, 14:45  |  World  |  Crypto

Regional regulators are readying a pan-Europe framework to support the long-term growth of digital assets

19 August, 12:51  |  World  |  Crypto

Censorship circumvention technologies enable even citizens of repressive regimes to access Bitcoin

13 August, 13:26  |  Russia  |  Crypto

The project will monitor the dark web to flag any transfers originating from Russia

06 August, 18:09  |  World

Panicked markets and a sinking US dollar have investors searching for ways to preserve their wealth

27 July, 14:55  |  World  |  Crypto

The price rise probably had something to do with DeFi, or decentralized finance

23 July, 23:13  |  Russia  |  Crypto

The bill gives legal status to cryptocurrencies—but says they cannot be used to pay for goods and services

25 June, 12:28  |  World

If Bitcoin sticks with its current consensus algorithm, miners will need to subsist with just transaction fees as an incentive

05 June, 19:00  |  World

The firm sees bitcoin breaking away from other cryptocurrencies and says the digital currency has increasingly favorable fundamentals and technicals