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01 December
15 August, 17:08  |  Asia

Chinese telecom gear features in 5G networks in South Africa and Uganda

15 July, 19:44  |  World

As two of the main competitors to Huawei, the companies have been benefiting from a U.S. push to have countries avoid Huawei

16 June, 12:56  |  World

Rule change comes amid concerns of American tech industry being 'sidelined'

05 June, 13:10  |  World

An IR temperature sensor lets a smartphone do fever screening for COVID-19

28 August 2019  |  World

The US Commerce Department has received more than 130 applications from companies for licences

23 August 2019  |  Asia

The company sees AI as a technology that can be used in all sectors of the economy

17 August 2019  |  Asia

US media said that a Chinese company is spying on opposition politicians

10 July 2019  |  World

The bipartisan consensus on the harsh reaction to the behavior of the Chinese government is growing in the US parliament

28 June 2019  |  Asia

Huawei workers have teamed with members of various organs of the PLA on at least 10 research endeavours

05 June 2019  |  Asia

Vague wording of the law can be used to control any imported goods

04 June 2019  |  Asia

Company need to win the attention of foreign users, solve the problem of chips and make the OS accessible to developers

31 May 2019  |  Asia

The reason was the recent US sanctions against the Chinese company

25 May 2019  |  World

But this is only if a bargain is concluded

24 May 2019  |  Asia

IT giant will develop its operating system for smartphones in response to US sanctions

22 May 2019  |  World

The Commerce Department will allow the company to purchase American products to support communications and software updates

21 May 2019  |  Asia

Ren Zhenghei said they would not accept US conditions, as ZTE did

16 May 2019  |  World

Washington has often accused the Chinese company of espionage

26 April 2019  |  Asia

Recently, the company has been accused of deliberately reducing the cost of production

29 March 2019  |  World

Former prime minister sees this as a future Chinese aggression

27 March 2019  |  World

US tried to lobby allies in Europe to boycott Huawei over cybersecurity fears