72,69 ↓ 100 JPY
11,53 ↓ 10 CNY
75,81 ↑ USD
68,32 ↑ 1000 KRW
-4° ветер 2 м/c
25 November
27 October, 12:08  |  Asia

Held on November 11 every year, Singles’ Day in China is the world’s largest online shopping festival

22 October, 18:44  |  Asia  |  Tourism

The country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism made the announcement in a notice published on its website on Wednesday

19 October, 13:29  |  Asia

The new law takes effect in December and allows Beijing to "take reciprocal measures" against countries that abuse export controls and pose a threat to national security

12 June 2019  |  Asia

The company has already transferred most of the production of motherboards in Taiwan

30 May 2019  |  Asia

According to analysts, this move will lead to an imbalance in the APR

23 May 2019  |  World

Such a move is caused by patriotic feelings in connection with the blocking of Huawei in the US

21 May 2019  |  World

Over the past six months, foreign companies have invested more than $ 1 billion in US paper processing plants

17 May 2019  |  World

Washington sees PLA scientists as a threat to state security

16 May 2019  |  Asia

Beijing also promises to support employment and domestic production

15 May 2019  |  World

Even the giants of the US - Apple and Intel - were hit

14 May 2019  |  Asia

Currently, the country has 20 ships of this type in service

08 May 2019  |  Asia

It will be the first ship that is fully designed and built in China

07 May 2019  |  Asia

Foxconn Technology Group is the main supplier and assembler of Apple phones

07 May 2019  |  World

Washington accuses Beijing of "reneging" obligations after recent negotiations

02 May 2019  |  Asia

They produced 63.8 kilograms of methamphetamine

01 May 2019  |  World

The demand for Chinese technology in the field of AI increased after the development of the project Belt and Road

30 April 2019  |  World

Americans, apparently, were frightened that Russians or Chinese would find their "secret military technologies"

30 April 2019  |  Asia

It was done before the next round of meeting between China and the US

29 April 2019  |  Asia

A special "port visa" will provide an opportunity to visit the events of Belt and Road for five days

29 April 2019  |  World

However US has big opposition against Asia activates