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19 June
18 February, 13:52  |  Asia

Seiko Hashimoto, a speed skater and track cyclist, currently serves as Olympics minister

14 February, 12:54  |  Asia

People were reported hurt in Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Saitama and Chiba prefectures, but no serious injuries were confirmed

13 February, 18:04  |  Asia

Rise in suicides pushes Suga to tackle issue as major COVID challenge

28 January, 17:02  |  Asia

Chief rejects speculation, as organizers prepare playbook of COVID safeguards

17 January, 14:05  |  Asia

Participants prepare lanterns for a memorial event to mark the 26th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe on Sunday

12 January, 20:30  |  Asia

According to the IMF’s outlook, Japan is expected to see positive growth (-5.3 to +2.3%)

09 January, 13:39  |  Asia

Korean court ordered Japan to compensate Korean women who were forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese troops during World War II

07 January, 14:01  |  Asia  |  Covid-19

Under a state of emergency, people are asked to work from home as much as possible, but a large crowd was seen during morning rush hour at a station in Tokyo on Thursday

31 December 2020  |  Asia

Even Warren Buffett went skinny dipping this year

30 December 2020  |  World  |  Auto

EVs requiring half the parts of conventional autos will bring tectonic shift to industry

28 December 2020  |  Asia

On the island, 80 people of 40 households live

28 December 2020  |  Asia  |  Covid-19

The implementation of the measures come after Tokyo recorded 708 new COVID-19 cases Sunday

16 December 2020  |  Asia

The judge described the crimes as “extremely vicious in crime history,” adding the case had given people a cause for concern regarding how deeply rooted social media has become in society

14 December 2020  |  Asia  |  Covid-19

Japan logged over 3,000 new cases of the novel coronavirus for the first time on Saturday, while the country’s death toll from the virus rose by 28 to 2,595

07 December 2020  |  Asia  |  Boycott

Tensions between the two countries flared in July 2019 when Japan tightened controls on South Korean exports, targeting materials used in memory chips and display screens

06 December 2020  |  Asia

Scientists hope samples in pod hold key to origin of life on Earth

18 November 2020  |  Asia  |  Covid-19

Bowl-shaped design can be opened and closed for use in bars and restaurants

31 October 2020  |  Asia  |  Tourism

Nine countries win clearance but visa restrictions remain and will limit most tourism

30 October 2020  |  World

Japan's entertainment industry stirs back to life

24 October 2020  |  Asia

Remote-controlled humanoids can stock shelves, guard offices and aid astronauts