58,86 ↓ 100 JPY
91,11 ↓ 10 CNY
63,89 ↓ USD
54,76 ↓ 1000 KRW
-12° ветер 1 м/c
16 November
22 May, 00:30 Asia

These are the second teachings of the "Land of the Rising Sun" in two weeks

08 May, 22:18 World

This scenario became more likely after the failed negotiations of the US and the DPRK in Hanoi

01 May, 15:23 Asia

Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne during the traditional ceremony

30 April, 23:09 World

Americans, apparently, were frightened that Russians or Chinese would find their "secret military technologies"

30 April, 18:14 Asia

It will be shown in a March 2020

30 April, 18:08 Asia

Crown Prince Naruhito access to the throne in May 1

30 April, 17:54 Asia

He ordered 22 grams of a stimulant in USA

29 April, 23:24 World

Total investment will be about 40 billion dollars

26 April, 23:14 Asia

A total of 141 wiretapping devices will have been installed across the country by June 1

26 April, 02:31 Asia

This will happen if power companies fail to install sufficient counterterrorism

24 April, 22:51 Asia

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe support "womenomics"

23 April, 16:44 Asia

It can be used for 5,400 yen per hour

23 April, 15:44 Asia

In last voting win 4 only mayor-women

22 April, 21:51 Asia

Price increase due to limited supply

19 April, 17:10 Asia

But they must know Japanese language that reduce risks

19 April, 15:25 Russia

Japanese Foreign Minister to visit Moscow in mid-May

18 April, 17:05 World

Washington also canceled tariffs on aluminum and steel

18 April, 16:24 Asia

It will be displayed at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo

18 April, 03:55 Asia

The most expensive room in it will cost $2700 per night

17 April, 00:32 Asia

This year, the "Golden Week" coincided with the emperor's coronation and the beginning of a new era