58,86 ↓ 100 JPY
91,11 ↓ 10 CNY
63,89 ↓ USD
54,76 ↓ 1000 KRW
-7° ветер 9 м/c
16 November
17 September, 22:15 Asia

The demonstration is timed to the Day of the Armed Forces

30 May, 13:06 Asia

According to analysts, this move will lead to an imbalance in the APR

15 May, 04:00 Russia

He will meet with Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin to discuss arms control, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea’s nuclear program

08 May, 21:51 Asia

It will be the first ship that is fully designed and built in China

15 April, 22:40 Asia

He will carry out community service at regional community centers

27 March, 15:56 Asia

Ministry describes they wanted to fill defense "vacuum" in the area

07 March, 23:56 World

There will be new exercises together with the United States