59,28 ↓ 100 JPY
90,78 ↓ 10 CNY
64,25 ↓ USD
54,18 ↓ 1000 KRW
+5° ветер 2 м/c
16 October
23 August, 20:31 Asia

The company sees AI as a technology that can be used in all sectors of the economy

20 August, 18:20 Asia

China plans to become a leader in AI by 2030

30 July, 19:20 Asia

The AI-based robot delivers the required shelf with goods to the person and returns it to its place

11 July, 23:47 World

Also, now user comments from your "black list" will not be visible to you

01 May, 00:12 World

The demand for Chinese technology in the field of AI increased after the development of the project Belt and Road

26 April, 21:25 Asia

Citizens prefer not to argue with the evidence base of artificial intelligence

11 March, 16:02 Asia

It can helps to increase а passenger flow