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19 October
16 May, 00:00 Russia

At the last talks in Sochi, the United States and Russia did not achieve a concrete decision on the denuclearization of Korea

08 May, 22:18 World

This scenario became more likely after the failed negotiations of the US and the DPRK in Hanoi

29 April, 22:01 Asia

Kim Jong-un didn’t answer on invite and Moon Jae-in didn’t come

26 April, 23:30 World

The US President has already signed this document

26 April, 01:23 World

It marked the first time for this year

18 April, 16:39 Asia

It is first experiment after talks between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

18 April, 04:02 Asia

According to the Japanese edition, smuggling came from China

10 April, 22:04 Asia

This is the fourth checkpoint in this area of the border

09 April, 21:13 Asia

The North Korean leader is ready to make a statement at the upcoming parliamentary meeting on Thursday

05 April, 17:40 Russia

However, official North Korean counterparts not confirm this

02 April, 14:13 Russia

He came amid speculation that North Korean leader Kim is preparing to visit Russia

27 March, 16:09 World

It doesn't stop until the denuclearization

26 March, 19:45 World

Expert Zhang Liangui says the talks broke down because of the USA

24 March, 00:43 Asia

They can discuss negotiating strategy with the United States

19 March, 23:29 Asia

But it can be difficult because of the dual structure of state

18 March, 14:39 Russia

It will happen until 21 March

17 March, 23:21 Russia

This implies political and economic cooperation

12 March, 20:24 Asia

The Minister of South Korea made a statement on Monday

11 March, 21:42 Russia

Im Chon-il is going to discuss economic and cultural cooperation