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17 September
15 May, 04:00 Russia

He will meet with Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin to discuss arms control, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea’s nuclear program

25 April, 22:52 Asia

Vladimir Putin will come to the international forum "One Belt - One Way" after talks with Kim Jong-un

23 April, 00:36 Russia

According to their data, the DPRK leader will arrive in the capital of Primorye on Wednesday, and the Russian president on Thursday

19 April, 15:25 Russia

Japanese Foreign Minister to visit Moscow in mid-May

19 April, 00:17 Russia

The meeting is likely to be held in Vladivostok

11 April, 23:08 Russia

They are calling for Syria’s territorial integrity to be preserved

09 April, 23:55 Russia

Turkey "won’t submit to pressure" and will make a deal with Russia

19 March, 01:14 Russia

Meeting with U.S. will be held in Rome