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31 May
23 May, 17:45 Asia

North Korean state media reported that Kim attended the opening ceremony of a fertilizer plant on May 1

31 May 2019 World

US President Donald Trump supports Abe initiative

23 April 2019 Russia

According to their data, the DPRK leader will arrive in the capital of Primorye on Wednesday, and the Russian president on Thursday

19 April 2019 Russia

The meeting is likely to be held in Vladivostok

18 April 2019 Asia

It is first experiment after talks between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

12 April 2019 Asia

The new prime minister was also elected in government

09 April 2019 Asia

The North Korean leader is ready to make a statement at the upcoming parliamentary meeting on Thursday

19 March 2019 Asia

But it can be difficult because of the dual structure of state