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28 February
19 September 2019 Asia

The government will ensure that South Korean companies experience minimal impact from this decision

28 August 2019 World

The US Commerce Department has received more than 130 applications from companies for licences

18 July 2019 Asia

It is expected that control of the semiconductor market by Japan will rise to 80%

10 July 2019 World

The bipartisan consensus on the harsh reaction to the behavior of the Chinese government is growing in the US parliament

03 July 2019 World

The head of Tele2 said that maybe 5G - "is not something we need to do right now"

14 June 2019 World

Bloomberg will put them in your key index

13 June 2019 World

According to the report of the UN group, the proportion of people connected to the network grew rapidly in developing countries (from 14% to 45%)

12 June 2019 Asia

The company has already transferred most of the production of motherboards in Taiwan

05 June 2019 Asia

Vague wording of the law can be used to control any imported goods

04 June 2019 Asia

Company need to win the attention of foreign users, solve the problem of chips and make the OS accessible to developers

03 June 2019 Asia

During the “Shangri-La” dialogue, Wei Fenghe appealed to “external forces” destabilizing the situation in Taiwan

31 May 2019 Asia

The reason was the recent US sanctions against the Chinese company

22 May 2019 World

The Commerce Department will allow the company to purchase American products to support communications and software updates

21 May 2019 Asia

Ren Zhenghei said they would not accept US conditions, as ZTE did

16 May 2019 Asia

Beijing also promises to support employment and domestic production

15 May 2019 World

Even the giants of the US - Apple and Intel - were hit

07 May 2019 World

Washington accuses Beijing of "reneging" obligations after recent negotiations

30 April 2019 Asia

It was done before the next round of meeting between China and the US

12 April 2019 World

The IMF warns that the next conflict will be more dangerous than the dispute between America and China

11 April 2019 World

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said about progress with Beijing