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25 November
23 September, 21:34  |  World

Beijing-based ByteDance has only two Chinese nationals on its five-member board, with the other three being foreigners running U.S.-based companies

20 September, 14:30  |  World  |  Boycott

Trump said he believed the deal had addressed his national security concerns

15 September, 21:40  |  World

Proposed deal driven by Trump's threat and software giant's cloud ambition

14 September, 12:51  |  World

Donald Trump has threatened to ban TikTok by Sept. 20 and ordered ByteDance to sell its U.S. business, claiming national-security risks due to its Chinese ownership

11 September, 17:31  |  Asia  |  Boycott

Reactions to security fears after US crackdown on app reflect relations with China

28 August, 14:21  |  World

The United State's move to bar video-sharing service TikTok from operating on its soil is the latest escalation in worsening relations between the US and China

09 August, 14:07  |  World

Microsoft still seen as front-runner in bidding for video-sharing app’s

08 August, 20:52  |  World

Many WeChat users in the U.S. are facing the prospect of losing a crucial tool to keep in touch with family and friends in China

07 August, 20:27  |  World

The Reels launch involves a major revamp of Explore, which now includes a “For You” page that,

06 August, 13:26  |  World

The targeting of app usage and cloud services expands the 5G Clean Path program the State Department unveiled on April 29, 2020

03 August, 17:41  |  World

The company said in the statement that it is planning to complete talks with TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, by September 15

29 July, 16:36  |  Asia

Chinese apps pose risk for security cooperation with US, critics argue

01 July, 17:42  |  World  |  Blockchain

As a proof of concept, the developers unveiled CanCan: a decentralized version of TikTok

01 May, 19:33  |  World

Social platforms across the board have seen a surge in popularity in recent months, as people under coronavirus-related lockdown

01 May 2019  |  World

The court issued a verdict on the article "Distribution of pornography"