58,51 ↓ 100 JPY
90,92 ↓ 10 CNY
63,75 ↓ USD
54,76 ↑ 1000 KRW
-9° ветер 2 м/c
19 November
14 November, 23:08 World

Entrepreneur relies on his Neuralink company

05 November, 22:30 World

The company also does not permit employees to rest in these countries now

01 November, 22:20 Asia

The company is still conducting an internal investigation against perpetrators

30 October, 21:20 Asia

Officials plan to spend 725 million won

18 October, 23:20 World

The geopolitical position of the territory makes any changes in the status quo a delicate topic

17 October, 22:25 Asia

A fire ant has a body length of about 2.5 millimeters to 8mm and a queen ant lays about 250,000 eggs a year

16 October, 21:35 Asia

Experts believe that this is due to a sharp drop in company profits

03 October, 23:20 Asia

He confessed to the murders of 30 years ago

02 October, 23:36 Asia

The student was hospitalized in critical condition

01 October, 22:30 Asia

Conservative groups in South Korea renewed calls for their own nuclear weapons

26 September, 23:40 Asia

They promise to dramatically change their electricity consumption

20 September, 00:26 Asia

It will take about 300 years for radiation to erode from the water from nuclear power plants

19 September, 00:32 Asia

The government will ensure that South Korean companies experience minimal impact from this decision

17 September, 22:15 Asia

The demonstration is timed to the Day of the Armed Forces

12 September, 23:15 Asia

How freedom of speech in the city died and what to do now

12 September, 17:25 Asia

Both were found in the refrigerator after putting out a fire

11 September, 20:23 Asia

Sanctions leave Chinese company searching for alternative suppliers of critical parts

05 September, 17:05 Russia

Acting Vice-Governor of Primorsky territory Mr. Konstantin Bogdanenko and Pohang City Mayor Mr. Lee Kangdeok took part in the negotiations

13 August, 22:28 Asia

Consumers and businesses will download a mobile wallet and exchange their yuan for digital money

17 May, 02:30 Russia

People were dissatisfied with the park building in Yekaterinburg