58,14 ↓ 100 JPY
91,49 ↑ 10 CNY
62,95 ↑ USD
53,31 ↓ 1000 KRW
+21° ветер 4 м/c
18 July
17 July, 16:40

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 can already connect to the network by updating the software

11 July, 23:47

Also, now user comments from your "black list" will not be visible to you

10 July, 15:53

The bipartisan consensus on the harsh reaction to the behavior of the Chinese government is growing in the US parliament

04 July, 19:27

The operation of the 737 MAX model was suspended worldwide in March after the second crash

03 July, 04:37

The head of Tele2 said that maybe 5G - "is not something we need to do right now"

28 June, 07:12

Microprocessor failure on a jet plane may cause the plane to fall

24 June, 09:36

Kim described the letter as being "of excellent content" and that he "would seriously contemplate the interesting content"

21 June, 01:00

In total, about 290 lawsuits concerning state coups were instituted

19 June, 19:14

Libra aims to enable cheap and easy payments around the world

14 June, 08:32

Bloomberg will put them in your key index

14 June, 02:16

Its crew was evacuated after the incident began

13 June, 04:34

According to the report of the UN group, the proportion of people connected to the network grew rapidly in developing countries (from 14% to 45%)

10 June, 18:34

This measure will allow "ensure the effective implementation of the prohibition without compromising desired security objectives"

07 June, 07:37

The expected amount of the transaction will be more than $ 2 billion

06 June, 07:05

The country failed to fulfill the agreement for $ 750 million with Deutsche Bank

05 June, 15:08

The company also introduced a new interface and electronic clock

04 June, 08:25

It is hoped that the water level and the speed of the river will decrease

03 June, 12:44

Britain must leave the EU this year, Trump said

31 May, 08:34

US President Donald Trump supports Abe initiative

30 May, 12:41

In Malaysia, for the perpetrators of incitement to suicide of a minor, the death penalty or 20 years in prison