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10,96 ↓ 10 CNY
77,73 ↓ USD
63,78 ↓ 1000 KRW
+3° ветер 4 м/c
05 April
17 July 2019

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 can already connect to the network by updating the software

11 July 2019

Also, now user comments from your "black list" will not be visible to you

10 July 2019

The bipartisan consensus on the harsh reaction to the behavior of the Chinese government is growing in the US parliament

04 July 2019

The operation of the 737 MAX model was suspended worldwide in March after the second crash

03 July 2019

The head of Tele2 said that maybe 5G - "is not something we need to do right now"

28 June 2019

Microprocessor failure on a jet plane may cause the plane to fall

24 June 2019

Kim described the letter as being "of excellent content" and that he "would seriously contemplate the interesting content"

21 June 2019

In total, about 290 lawsuits concerning state coups were instituted

19 June 2019

Libra aims to enable cheap and easy payments around the world

14 June 2019

Bloomberg will put them in your key index

13 June 2019

According to the report of the UN group, the proportion of people connected to the network grew rapidly in developing countries (from 14% to 45%)

10 June 2019

This measure will allow "ensure the effective implementation of the prohibition without compromising desired security objectives"

07 June 2019

The expected amount of the transaction will be more than $ 2 billion

06 June 2019

The country failed to fulfill the agreement for $ 750 million with Deutsche Bank

05 June 2019

The company also introduced a new interface and electronic clock

04 June 2019

It is hoped that the water level and the speed of the river will decrease

03 June 2019

Britain must leave the EU this year, Trump said

31 May 2019

US President Donald Trump supports Abe initiative

30 May 2019

In Malaysia, for the perpetrators of incitement to suicide of a minor, the death penalty or 20 years in prison