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24 September
09 July, 20:37  |  Blockchain

Astronaut looks to the future of blockchain in space, from satellite nodes to tracking mining on the Moon

09 July, 12:16  |  Covid-19

200-year-old company falls victim to pandemic and casual trend

08 July, 12:37

Blaming China for the coronavirus, Trump said the United States would redirect funding "to other worldwide and deserving, urgent, global public health needs"

07 July, 20:01

The fossilized remains of this Xiphactinus was discovered in the US state of Kansas and sold at auction in 2010

07 July, 14:42

If successful, West would become the first pro-Bitcoin president in US history

05 July, 11:45

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many events are rethinking their programming and innovating for safety's sake

04 July, 18:42

The UK government won a 20% stake in OneWeb during an auction in New York on Friday

04 July, 16:37

German automaker plans joint development for electric pivot

03 July, 21:24

From Japan to Singapore, space companies face financial and technical challenges

02 July, 11:25  |  Auto

Electric-car company's valuation grows fivefold in past year

01 July, 17:42  |  Blockchain

As a proof of concept, the developers unveiled CanCan: a decentralized version of TikTok

30 June, 12:49  |  Boycott

Facebook under fire as companies pause Social Media Ads

29 June, 13:02

European Union is considering allowing travelers from China to visit in return for the Asian country lifting its travel ban for EU nations and will also call on Japan and other countries on the list to remove their travel restrictions

27 June, 17:11

Over 124,410 people in the US have now died from the coronavirus, per a tally maintained by Johns Hopkins University

26 June, 12:52

The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act would force messengers to allow access to user messaging

25 June, 19:30

Although some major apparel brands have promised to pull advertising from Facebook

25 June, 12:28

If Bitcoin sticks with its current consensus algorithm, miners will need to subsist with just transaction fees as an incentive

24 June, 21:32

NASA on Tuesday also announced that it's standing up a new Suborbital Crew or "SubC" office to fly astronauts, scientists, and other agency employees on suborbital flights to the edge of space

22 June, 18:34

The past two years have seen unprecededent progress between North and South Korea

20 June, 12:01

From trade deal to Xinjiang, tell-all book paints boss as erratic